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Written Testimonials


           Megan Bird Busk - "Awesome customer service. Great product!" June 3, 2019

           Tara Haskamp - "I've never tried bamboo socks so I had no idea what to expect but they are so comfortable! The designs I got are great too!" May 31, 2019

            Jodi Danziger - "Purchased on a friend’s recommendation. Socks are sooooo soft!!! Bonus, my feet weren’t sweaty after a hard workout!" May 27, 2019

            Laney Estel - "I love how lightweight these socks are when you put them on! My husband immediately stole them from me because he loved how long they were and how stylish they were for him! I have small feet so they were a little big on me, but I may have gotten the wrong size. However, I will totally steal these back from my husband!" May 27, 2019

           Katie Devall Greci - "Love these socks! So soft and cute designs too." May 24, 2019

           Melissa Curran - "These are the softest socks! They arrived so fast, too. I am loving all things bamboo lately and these are no exception. They have super fun designs, too." May 15, 2019

           Michelle Price - "These were recommended to me by a super nice guy I met on a plane! 😁 just received them, and I must admit they are really comfy!! Will have to order some for the hubby now!" April 28, 2019

          Jenny Goldsberry - "These socks are great for working out and day to day wear. You’ll find you’ll be wearing them all day!" April 18, 2019

          Indalesia Valesquez - "I love me some comfy, eco friendly, beautiful socks! These tall socks are just that! They are made from bamboo and are so comfy! I know I'll be back for more! They arrived 3 days after I ordered, and were buy 2 pairs and get 1 pair free!" 

          Talia Woodbury - "I recently bought a pair of these socks and they are SUPER soft and SUPER comfy! perfect for camping or when your toes feel like they might freeze off." Mar. 27, 2019

         JaRelle Mason Bailey - "Bought some socks for my husband and they’re his favorites—and that’s saying a lot because he has lots of different brands of dress socks. He’s asked me to buy more. They’re so fun and comfortable!" Mar. 27, 2019

          Crystal Lutton - "I love how soft and strong these socks are. I’m a big fan of bamboo fiber already and these socks surpassed my expectations! Highly recommend" Mar. 26, 2019

          Becky Hulse Perry - "These are my new FAVORITE socks! I ordered 3 pair...2 tall socks, 1 low). My Denver firefighter hubby loved them, my hockey playing son loved them and asked me to ordered him more! And ME....I’m starting my training for my 3rd TCS NYC Marathon, and these socks are perfect! They hug my foot perfectly, but not too tight! They keep my feet dry, and not smelly! Great colors, great fit!" Mar. 25, 2019

          Jordan Ashleyy Moore - "I love my socks!! Super comfy and fashionable. If you love fashion socks and want something eco friendly and durable look no further ❤️" Mar. 22, 2019

          Michaela Drazkowski - "very comfy and cushiony socks! they fit perfect and feel tight but not to tight to the feet. I love the style I got. recommend for anyone." Mar. 19, 2019

          Ashley Marie McWhirt - "These socks are so soft and comfy!! I love them." Mar. 16, 2019

          Juliemar Rosado - "These socks are very comfortable! I gave a pair of socks to my friend and she loved them too!" Mar. 12, 2019

          Shelby Road - "These socks are so comfy and cute! Love them!" Mar. 12, 2019

          David Lowe - "I got 2 pair a few weeks ago and they’re seriously my favorite socks. I wear them first when they come out of the wash. They’re great quality, thicker than I was expecting and super comfortable. I didn’t know what to expect, but they’re awesome. I’ll be getting more." Mar. 12, 2019

          Christy Bligh - "I’m allll about socks. I love socks with fun patterns but I love them even more when the sock is well-made, comfortable and durable. Rule No 6 fulfills all my requirements. These are a must. Go check them out today!" Mar. 11, 2019

          Catey Bettinson Ball - "Super comfy socks! I have a thing for fun socks, but so many of them are cheap/low quality, that I feel like I’ve won some kind of prize when I find fun socks that are also *good* socks! Love the fit and the styles, and so does my husband. Double win!" Mar. 10, 2019

         Callie Morby - "Love the socks! So many cool colors/designs, good price point, and my husband said they are really comfortable. 👌" Mar. 10, 2019

         Caitlin Mancini - "Who knew bamboo socks could be this comfy, dry, and supportive?! These socks are life-changing!" Mar. 10, 2019

         Mallorie Knight - "Not only are the socks AMAZING, the packaging alone is enough to make me order again! 😂" Mar. 10, 2019

         Haley Ruiz - "super comfortable!! I got some for myself and my boyfriend is honestly jealous...may just have to order him some pairs of his own. 😉😊" Mar. 9, 2019

         Brett Parsons East - "Oooooh m'gosh these are the best socks EVER! I am totally in love with something I never thought twice about...socks! Thank you Rule No. 6 for creating something that can be FUNctional!" Mar. 8, 2019

        Ashlie Allison - "Super comfy socks!! My feet always hurt and I’m loving the arch support and breathability. I wanted to buy socks just for the names! So clever!" Mar. 8, 2019

       Catherine Parker Watson - "Great soft socks in fun and unique patterns. Plus I got a chuckle from the package they came in, especially the sandal part. Highly recommend!" Mar. 8, 2019

       Kimberly Fritz - "I absolutely love the socks I purchased from Rule No. 6! Not only were there a plethora of designs to choose from, but they were delivered extremely fast. The quality is rather superior to any other socks I have purchased in the past and they are thick enough, I can't foresee them ever developing holes in the future. I bought a tall style and a no-show sock and both are amazing. Keep up the high quality, Rule No. 6!!" Mar. 7, 2019

       Samantha Drew Lalak - "Adorable, comfy, and very supportive socks! Wearing them as a nurse has been a dream." Mar. 5, 2019

       Tara Weeks - "These socks are so soft and comfortable. My husband has a pair and now said he will have a hard time wearing anything else." Mar. 3, 2019

       Sharee Penrod Carlisle - "I LOVE these soft & comfy socks!!! Shipped quickly too!" Mar. 2, 2019

       Ehrin Johnson - "For the first time in my married life my husbands feet and socks don’t stink. All I can attribute this miracle to is the bamboo in Rule No.6’s socks. I am floored and can’t wait until more of his other socks get holes so we can replace them with these!" Mar. 2, 2019

       Trevor Hightower - "These guys have great products and are very speedy with delivery. I definitely recommend giving them a try. You wont buy socks anywhere else." Mar. 2, 2019

       Heather Luther - "Absolutely love these socks! They are thick, but not uncomfortable or bulky & I really like the additional part that is just high enough so that the back of your shoe doesn't rub your ankle. Will definitely purchase these products again." Feb. 28, 2019

       Guilia Saugo - "Fast shipping and very comfortable and creative socks! I bought 2 pairs for my boyfriend and he loves them!" Feb. 27, 2019

       Lanna Church - "These are my new fave socks...must get more! Super comfortable and most importantly durable." Feb. 24, 2019

       Tiana Steagall - "I ❤️ my socks! They are nice and soft!" Feb. 24, 2019

       Stephenie Stephaluffagus Esbrand - "love my socks! I bought white and black "The Daily Driver" to try out. So comfy! arch support is perfect. kept my tootsies warm and my shoe actually fit better. That bamboo is something else!" Feb. 23, 2019

      Jennifer George - "I love these socks. They are so comfortable and soft! So cute too! The customer service with the email was quick to respond to my question and the shipping time was quick" Feb. 21, 2019

      Emily Finley Burke - "Fast shipping, extremely comfortable socks the whole family can love. I wish I had more feet to put them on so I could get more!!" Feb. 19, 2019

      Heather Aguiar - "I was in need of some new socks, that would hold up through constant use. I am pleasantly suprised with my purchase. I purchased the long/high socksto wear with my boots and they are exactly what I was looking for. They are the perfect thickness with a little bit of strech. I might even describe them as having a bit fo a compression feel, without the tightness. Definitely will be purchasing more." Feb. 19, 2019

      Carina Alleman - "These socks are soft, warm, and totally cute! Adorable patterns and they fit great. Definitely gonna put these on the list for future Christmas gifts 😁" Feb. 17, 2019

      Marley Robinson - "Got these socks for my hubby and he absolutely loves them!!" Feb. 17, 2019

      Melissa Karvonen - "These are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. And after running, I don't have to worry about sweat all over my feet. I wear them around the house and my feet feel happy. i am buying these socks for everyone in my family." Feb. 15, 2019

      Antoinette Rose - "Right in time for VALENTINE'S DAY! Just received my Rule no6 socks in the mail! 1pair for me and 1pair for my son ! WE LOVE THEM! Soft, comfy, snug, and warm! Best of all are the quirky instructions and "rules" that they come with! Great gift idea! Will definitely be ordering more of these! #bamboosocks" Feb. 15, 2019

      Tanner Ori - "Just received mine and my significant others first pair of Rule No. 6 socks! We will definitely be getting more, need I say more?!" Feb. 12, 2019

      Bre Castro - "So I thought I would try out some bamboo socks 🧦 and honestly thought they wouldn’t be that different from regular socks...umm I was wrong!These are super comfy and breathable! My life is forever changed. Buy these socks people, you’re going to love them!! 💕 P.s. the instructions and warning are hilarious" Feb. 5, 2019

      Lauren Rae Nielsen - "I got these socks for my husband’s birthday! I was hesitant about them when they came because they were so thick and so was he, but he gave them a chance. When he took them off after a long day of wearing them he said they were surprisingly breathable, very comfortable and didn’t make his feet stink. We are very impressed. They were also shipped super fast- less than a week from when I ordered them. If you are looking for a great valentines or birthday gift I highly suggest them!" Feb. 5, 2019

      Malerie Romero - "These socks definitely met my expectations, I’m so glad I purchased these for my husband and I. He is constantly on his feet and I work in boots all day. They are thick and are of such good quality but also breathable. Thank you!!" Feb. 4, 2019

       Jessica Pearson - "I got my new Rule No 6 socks last week and I love them! They are so soft and comfortable, they didn’t slip over my heel while walking or working out! They feel the same after the first wash too! I will be ordering more. Thanks!" Feb. 2, 2019

      Shelly Chykel - "I love socks and when i found out about no 6 i had to get a pair. i actually got a couple of them. comfy and perfect fit. I'll order more. they always came fast" Jan. 31, 2019

      Kristen Reed - "I recently ordered two pairs of socks from Rule No. 6, and I love them! They're super comfy, and their thickness is great for the winter. The fact that the designs are super cute and the packaging had some fun messaging was a plus

Ok Y'all, these bamboo socks are the! 💣 They are comfy, warm and stay up on my leg! 💚 Rule No. 6 has a good sense of humor too! 😁 I cracked up laughing a lot when I read the packaging of my socks!!!" Jan. 25, 2019

      Karen Kuczaj Lenz - "Great style, exceptional comfort, adds pizzazz!" Jan. 25, 2019

      Tamara Batie - "So order my socks... received them in 2 or 3 days. They are legit my fave now. they keep their shape, are warm, and the pattern is just great!" Jan. 24, 2019

       Carmina Padilla Millan - "I absolutely love these socks! Very cozy, they hug your feet in all the right places with some really fun prints." Jan. 23, 2019

       Jenn Bergstrom - "The socks are very comfortable. They are nice and thick with a bit of extra arch support and padding. The designs are very cute too. So cute that my teenaged daughter claimed the socks as her own! Shipping was fast, and the socks were packaged in a non-wasteful but still fun way. Overall an excellent company and product." Jan. 23, 2019

        Irish Valles Ibon - "I love how soft and comfy Rule No. 6 is. It's best for any weather - warm when it's cold and super absorbent during sweaty days." Jan. 21, 2019

       Alejandra Reta - "love my Rocky Mountain tall socks, they keep my feet warm and dry while hiking and look so fun!" Jan. 20, 2019

       Deanna McCarty - "I never thought I'd be this kind of person but I have to brag about how awesome these socks are! With the many dogs I foster, I walk...a lot! These socks are so comfortable and even have extra arch support, cushion across the back of the sock .....and super breathable. They are made from bamboo!! There are so many amazing designs to pick from its hard to make a choice. I've bought other socks that have been advertised as extra special with extra support and nothing compares to these. Not to mention the company has a sense of humor and gives directions on how to put them on.. lol" Jan. 14, 2019

       Darcy Weipert - "Seriously the most comfortable socks ever!!!! I feel like I’m walking on clouds with these socks on...and the support in my arch 😍😍" Jan. 14, 2019

       Hillary Harris Moldovan - "super soft and comfortable! Hubby said they stayed up all day. 🙂" Jan. 13, 2019

       Shannon Coleman - "Epic prints! Soft, comfortable, good fit. Great customer service and the packaging is hilarious… Can’t go wrong with these socks I purchased for myself but they would definitely make a great gift as well! 🧦" Jan. 10, 2019

       Kay Lo - "The low cut socks are SUPER comfortable. The cushioning in the arch, heel and toes are awesome. I'm a Florida girl who wears flip flops because shoes give my heels blisters. Not with these socks!! Will buy more and for friends as gifts too!" Jan. 10, 2019

       Tamara Oswald - "I loooooove my socks I got recently. They are super soft and cushiony and I could see myself switching from my wool brand to these. Great job!" Jan. 1, 2019

       Callaway McKay - "Adorable comfortable and I love that bamboo is sustainable, plus funny packaging!!" Jan. 1, 2019

       Ashley Fabert - "Very cute & comfy socks!" Jan. 1, 2019

      Carson McFarland-Center - "Great, high quality, comfy, thick socks. Really great patterns. So far so good!"  Dec. 25, 2018

          Kaitlin Durfey - "I loved ordering from Rule No. 6! I had some trouble ordering, but customer service helped me within minutes of making my order. And the socks are so comfortable!" Dec. 22, 2018

          Morgan Lampson Waugh - "Love my new low show socks! They hug my feet perfectly and even have quite the “bounce” to them! I’m so happy with my purchase, and will recommend them to everyone I know." Nov. 2, 2018

          Phillip R. Schmitt - "Just one word: Love."  July 26, 2018     

           Luke A. - "These Rule No. 6 socks are blowing my mind. Bamboo for the                 win!" 

           Dean W. - "Rule No. 6 in "The Swell" They look sick and feel super comfy."

           Jonathan M. - "Very Comfy"

           Mark T. - "Rule No. 6 is freakin awesome! I will definitely recommend them!             They are super comfy and stylish!"

           Sean K. - "Now which one to wear tomorrow..."

           Michael Z. - "All about the Rocky Mountain High life!!!"

           Le Ann T. - "They feel awesome!"

           Samuel L. - "I got my three pair! You only get a picture of two because my              17 YO son commandeered the other pair for himself. He out dresses me                  constantly and is a huge fan of fancy socks and he approves whole                          heartedly.  He even said they are wild enough for me but not too wild to wear to church."

          Ammon C. - "Like father like son. Jackson tried on a pair and I don't think                I'm getting them back."

          Hayden W. - "It's a panda sock kinda day. They feel like I'm wearing fuzzy                unicorns on my feet."

         John G.- "Got mine!!! SO COMFY"

Bobby L. - "Got the Socks, looks and feel amazing. No. 6 Rules!"
Darek D. – "Socks were incredible. I usually have a dampness/stickiness problem with even brands like Stance socks in a certain pair of shoes I often wear to work. After wearing your socks however, my feet were noticeably dry and not gummy. Amazing that bamboo can achieve this. I will use Stance again as an example to compare against. I do prefer yours so far." 
Michael H. – "The socks fit like a glove :). Happy days. Keep up the great work Rob! Your customer one to one service is amazing, your videos love and drive undeniable. I’ve backed a lot and backed out of some, there’s no creator I’d wish more success to come to, I’d back a product just because of you so keep the ideas flowing and I’ll be there. Your doing a lot right. Some business don’t work out but this seems to be your calling."
A. Nowles - "My goodness those are my favorite favorite socks of all time and I've only worn them for 10 seconds!"
Laura C. - "He actually loves them! On the first day he did a couple very scientific experiments to test them against the wool socks that he typically wears- let the eye-rolls begin...he weighed them before and after wearing to see if they absorbed any more moisture or dried out faster/slower than the wool socks, but found no noticeable difference, which really surprised him. (He even had a notebook in which he weighed and kept measurements of the socks at 10-minute intervals after wearing to record all this, not even joking!!) Then we had the daily 'smell check' which I helped with.. he wore the socks daily for a week in a row without washing to see if they had any odor at the end of the day (result, they did not and he was really impressed with this, smelly socks are a big deal to him). He actually liked your bamboo ones because they were really cushy and had more padding in the ball and heel than socks he usually wears. And in one experiment, after washing, he split up the pair and gave one of the socks to another guy at work to wear, so that he could prove to him that you actually can wear a sock for more than one day in a row without having them stink at the end of the day! See, the scientific method at work! The only thing he wasn't sure about it the first time he washed the socks (before he passed on one to a friend, of course) was that they looked like they shrunk in the wash- once they came out of the dryer, they looked smaller than before they went in. But he put them on and said they fit just fine- so that seemed to save the day, since I'm pretty sure he thought they would be too small for him (he's a size 12.5). I hope this helps, he really was impressed. He's been a hard-core wool sock guy for years and actually wears his socks more than once in a row without washing- usually when we travel internationally, we both bring 2 pairs of socks for a 7-10 day trip and don't wash at all. I have a feeling that you have a bamboo socks convert here! Let me know if there is any feedback that i didn't address, he made comments to me about them for a couple weeks so there might be something I forgot to include."
Heather - "Your socks look and feel great. They are warm without creating sweaty feet, they are sturdy and reinforced well and I like the support I feel under the arch. As I'm a petite person with slender legs and size 7.5 feet, the socks easily become knee high length, which is perfect. The only potentially troublesome element that I want to mention is that the socks grip pretty tightly and eventually the top of the socks start to dig into my calves a bit, which gets itchy and slightly uncomfortable. I don't have large calves at all so I wonder whether people with larger legs would find the socks to be too tight. I've worn the socks at least 6 times for 8+ hours and they have remained quite grippy, especially at the top. Do they loosen up at all over time? I don't imagine that washing and drying them would change the tightness."
Alex H. - "Found Kickstarter to be promising but was worried about sizing. I am 6' 4" 370lbs and size 13UK shoe. I go through shoes and socks fast. They last about 6 months for socks and 1 year for shoes. Rob sent a Matte black with blue logo pair of socks since I work in security. Socks are snug and don't bunch. Only problem is the top is too tight around my calves. The padded sole is a life savor. I can go 5-7 miles a shift. Hiking socks are rough while these are like walking on plush carpet. They are really breathable but not super warm in the cold weather we are having right now. I've talked to people at work and they're very interested in these socks. We need a shop in the UK! These socks are breathable, comfortable, and the padded sole make the best day of your life. Cheers from the UK!"
Tina C. - "Got em. There great and thicker than I thought. Yes, I know you told us they were not those wimpy socks we might have had with other bamboo, but seeing is believing. They remind me in feel of those therapeutic socks to treat neuropathy so again very easy on the feet. The difference in in stretch in arch offers a nice amount of support. I have very typical women's shoe size, 7.5 and they fit well with only being a little loose in the heel. So the socks seem very adaptive to foot shape and size. I think they truly would fit everyone except perhaps those with truly large feet or calfs. Finally, some of the designs turned out nicer than i expected. The colors seem very true. The logo is not particularly distracting and actually blends in well with designs I choose like the caffeine molecule. For this round my choices were subdued for business wear, but I definitely would look to getting more, perhaps some the more whimsical. Overall I would recommend."
Gregory W. - "I bought three pair and have worn each one everyday since I received them... they are so cool. They have far outperformed anything I thought possible with socks. I have worn them all day and then went running and they felt great. Thanks for all your effort, the wait was worth it."
Cynthia MP - "My socks got here on May 25th. All three designs - bird-on-a-wire-blue; smiling-Abe; evening-panda - are delightful; great execution and colors. I've only worn "bird" so far, but was VERY pleased with the amount of support which rivals or exceeds the Sockwell therapeutic moderate support socks I've been wearing since I discovered them 2-3 years ago. The Rule No 6 socks have great support for my arch, ankle, calf/upper leg and end maybe an inch below my knee so there's no problem with the top elastic causing pressure in the crease at the back of my knee. The socks are packaged nicely and I love that they came with instructions..."
Kristof M. - "I got mine yesterday, 9 pairs shipped to the UK. First day I had them on was today and WOW. It's hard to describe but this thing is just so soft. I usually get cold feet in the office, but not with these socks and the second my feet start to feel warm I can feel ventilation. Feel like the only time I am going to take these off is to change into yoga socks (unless you make one with rubber dots on the bottom xd) Favorite KS project to date. (Also can you pls make underwear too?)"
Andy H. - "Received (UK) last week & have worn all three pairs now. I have backed a number of bamboo sock campaigns on KickStarter & these definitely have a different feel. They're significantly thicker than all of the others, so I'm guessing this is the explanation. I notice some people don't like a tight sock: I do. It saves me having to constantly hitch them up. They certainly seem to keep my feet cool & I'm a fan of the designs. I must also compliment the Creator for his willingness to engage with the backer community on this forum. Creators often go missing once fulfillment is underway & backers start finding issues with their pledge. The Creator has not only done a great job in bringing a wonderful product to market, but is making a real effort to work with his backers & build rapport. Bravo!"
Nicholas W. - "Of course I love them. Great softness and overall feel. I've worn the Big Blue Anchors (don't remember the exact name) for 2.5 days and finally went for a run in them. Felt great. I'll definitely come back for the ankle socks (but in a lesser quantity). Wow thanks, that super nice. I've worn the socks to work today, 4 flights (work in aviation) and they feel great both with the extra compression, the softness whilst wearing sort of uncomfortable dress shoes and the breathing (I'll let you know how many days I can wear the same pair before they get stinky) I'll give a few pairs to my dad who works on his feet all day and suffers a lot from hurting ankles. They should be good for him. Cheers"
Lisa H. - "Love the caffeine sock :) loved the clever packaging! Love the comfy feel, seems like the heel is especially cozy. Great socks! I liked extra little bit of arch support too BTW."
Sara C. - "Love."
         Christian F. - "They are like a nice warm cloud hugging my feet."
Heather Traveller Bullough - "Sunday best!"
Ryan Crockett - "Just chillin in my socks!!! I LOVE THEM!"
Emily S. - "These socks are thick, soft, and breathable while being warm and supportive. They hug in all the right places, without being tight, but stay put through vigorous activities. Also, the packaging is RAD! Seriously, if you threw that stuff away without reading it, you should dig through your trash and pull that thing out. It's worth it. This isn't just another fun sock brand. These are quality socks that aren't boring. You won't be disappointed."
Katelyn D. - "Got my husband a pair for Father's Day and I do have to say that we'll be coming back for more. He says they are the comfiest pair of socks he has ever had! Such great quality!"
Yazmin H. - "I'm all about socks I have a secret obsession and these are amazing!! Super comfy but tight fitting and warm. Oh and they have super vibrant colors!!! Definitely recommended!!!"
Lisa L. - "These socks are so soft and comfy! I love the idea of a caffeine molecule on the pair that I bought!! I would recommend to everyone out there!"
Liana B. - "He is VERY impressed with the socks! He said they fit amazing and has been wearing them all day with no stretch out or slipping! Hands down the best socks he has used since his injury. Because they don't move, and are just thick enough, they reduce the "hot spots" caused by the neuropathic pain! Amazing! I am so thankful we found you guys! I'll take a pic of him wearing them!”
10-Something Style - "I already have a few posts lined up and scheduled, but I will get these done soon. In fact, I like them so much that I went and changed socks to another pair just so I could take some more photos later today!”
Jake S. - "Awesome thank you I already have a few pairs and I gotta say I love them.”
Louis S. - "I'm wearing the most recently purchased socks right now, and want you to know how much I appreciate the snugness of the band on my calves, and particularly the width of the band. I'm fat and type 2 diabetic, and my socks routinely leave indentations in my flesh. I'm also old enough to not be embarrassed, so you'll see me in the gym with dented legs, pushing weights around and putting the miles on the treadmill. These socks stay up, and they have a wide enough compression band that they don't make me look like I've escaped from cannibals that had me tied up by my lower legs. I ordered a hex-pattern sock for my free one. It's WAY out of my comfort zone, but it is fashionable, if the socks the kids in my office are wearing are any indicator. I'll be wearing them with pride next week. I also ordered two pair of stripey socks. I have two college-age daughters, and they'll have to fight over which color each gets. I'm excited to tell them that these are socks made using responsibly-sourced materials, and should last an incredibly long time. Seriously. These are awesome socks, and I'm a gold-toe brand-loyal sock snob.”
Matt H. - "I never thought I could be so excited about socks, until I wore Rule No. 6.  They are very comfortable.  They are cushioned and soft without being bulky and they are just tight enough that they offer a nice supportive compression and don't fall down on the leg.  I have worn them both with dress shoes as well as mowing the lawn in 80 degree weather.  My feet sweat easily and these keep them cool and don't smell, even after wearing them multiple times before washing (the first time I've ever been able to do that with socks). By far the best socks I have ever worn."
Derek  S. - "I absolutely love these socks!  I got my first three pairs from Rule No. 6 via their Kickstarter campaign.  These are nice and tight, which I like because the socks don't fall down all day.  I have smaller feet (men's size 7) and these socks are just on the verge of too big but I make them work, so don't worry if you have smaller feet.  These are super comfortable, soft, look good, and are clearly constructed well.  I'm starting a new job soon and will get to wear these daily so I'm looking forward to seeing how these hold up over time and multiple washes.  I highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for awesome patterns, high quality socks with just the right amount of compression.  Oh, and the socks make my Italian leather dress shoes even more comfortable!"
Derek S. - "Hello! First off, I'm loving my socks! I just had to buy more (7 more pairs, to be exact)."
Jeffrey B. - "I have a hard time finding good socks, I wear a size 14 shoe and most socks don't fit me well.  These socks are amazing, I wear them all day at work standing and walking around, they stay in place, my feet stay comfortable and don't stink.  I recommend these to everyone."
Chicago 1020 - "The Rule No. 6 socks are great - they have great compression that stops an inch below the crease in the back of my knee. They are a bit long in the foot for me (will fit men a bit better, I'm sure). Mine fit great over my calves. The designs are unique and some are seriously cute or amusing or eye-catching or all-of-the-above in a wide range of good colors. I haven't had mine long enough to know how long they will last, but I'm very optimistic that we'll have a long and happy future together. ;-) Get a pair of No.6 socks for someone you love - and a pair for yourself too!”
Cats777 - "These are one of the best socks I've ever worn. They're thick, but not too thick. I've worn bamboo socks in the same price point that are so thin, I feel like my feet are gonna burst through them any time. These socks have extra padding where it counts (heel and toe). I also love the unique designs. A big plus is that they're made of bamboo, which is the main reason I bought these. You can look up all the benefits of wearing bamboo, from its durability to its all-year-round suitability. It's pretty much the only type of sock I wear nowadays. In conclusion, you can't go wrong with these.”
The CGeek - "I backed these socks on Kickstarter and now that they sell them on Amazon - it's a sure bet. I've got stinky feet in the summer and these really cut down on the sweat and smell when the footsies get hot. Not to mention the sweet designs. Some people mentioned that they are tight, but I like a tighter sock that stays versus something loose. Good buy and I'm sure I'll buy more.”
Liana - "These socks are multi functional for me, I suffered a spinal cord injury a few years back that left me in a chair. It also left me with severe neuropathy in my feet and lower legs, as well as peripheral edema which aggravates the neuropathy. These socks are thick enough to help dampen the neuropathy as well as providing a tight enough fit to fight the edema. Not to mention the designs are awesome! I can't wait for more designs! Thanks to the guys and gals at Rule No. 6.”
Tschoop - "I initially saw these on kick-starter. So happy they are available through other venues. Great fit, don't get too hot in the summer heat, breathable and so comfortable. Have worn camping and they are great even after 2-3 days of wear. Definitely a sock that should be checked out. And so many awesome designs.”
Curt - "Socks fit great, and feel really good. Returning for a second purchase because the first set fit and felt so good. The looks and quality are fantastic as well!”
Francis - "If you are looking for a breathable cushioned sock with great patterns this is the brand you have been waiting for.”
Kevin C. - "I told my dad he's breaking the rules wearing the socks but he really has had some compliments on the socks. Most socks he gets some kind of allergic reaction to. And these socks have been great! No rashes.”
Jared C. - "I bought 9 pairs of socks to start and after giving some away need another 6. It's hard for me to put on another pair of socks now so I bought some bamboo ankle socks from another company and they are way too thin and don't stay in place. Anyway really are the best socks ever!!! Can't wait for your ankle socks to be released.”
vf_meaux - "When @rulesix hit you up about their Bamboo thread socks... I thought this guy is crazy and laughed when he hmu about these socks. So I took him up on his word and ordered some, by far some of the best socks I've ever owned. Who would've thought your socks mattered!?!"
Kyle J. - "These are the best bamboo socks made in the USA I have ever worn. They are super comfortable and worth the money. The great thing about made in USA products is that they help support small businesses like this and the factories that make these wonderful bamboo socks!